Plutonium Management in Japan

Plutonium Management in Japan

Separated Plutonium of Japan(As of the end of December 2014)
The Quantities of Separated Plutonium at Nuclear Facilities in Japan (Unit: kgPu)Total 10,835
A: Reprocessing Facilities JAEA Tokai Plant 709
JNFL Rokkasho Plant 3,613
B: Plutonium Fuel Fabrication facilities 3,404
C: Nuclear Reactors (Joyo, Monju) 165
(Commercial Reactors) 2,501
D: Research and Development Facilities 444
The Quantities of Separated Plutonium Located in Overseas Facilities (Unit: tPuf)Total 24.5

Note JAEA:Japan Atomic Energy Agency
JNFL:Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd.

Reference Data

Each state's national holdings of civil un-irradiated plutonium and of plutonium contained in spent civil reactor fuel published by IAEA under Guidelines for the Management of Plutonium (INFCIRC/549 of March 16, 1998) as of December 2013 are as follows: (Unit: Ton Pu; Civil plutonium and plutonium declared excess to defense needs is contained.)

  Non-used Plutonium Plutonium in Spent Fuel
U.S.A. 49.0 617
Russia 51.9 140
U.K. 123 31
France 78.1 268.9
China (13.8kg) -*
Japan 10.8 161
Germany 3 109.5
Belgium 1.4 38
Switzerland (Less than 50kg) 18

(*) China published only its national holdings civil un-irradiated plutonium.