Plutonium Management in Japan

Plutonium Management in Japan

Separated Plutonium of Japan(As of the end of December 2019)
The Quantities of Separated Plutonium at Nuclear Facilities in Japan (Unit: kgPu)Total 8,860
A: Reprocessing Facilities JAEA Tokai Plant 195
JNFL Rokkasho Plant 3,603
B: Plutonium Fuel Fabrication facilities 3,918
C: Nuclear Reactors (Joyo, Monju) 414
(Commercial Reactors) 616
D: Research and Development Facilities 113
The Quantities of Separated Plutonium Located in Overseas Facilities (Unit: kgPuf)Total 24,161

Note JAEA: Japan Atomic Energy Agency
JNFL: Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd.

Reference Data

Each state's national holdings of civil un-irradiated plutonium and of plutonium contained in spent civil reactor fuel published by IAEA under Guidelines for the Management of Plutonium (INFCIRC/549 of March 16, 1998) as of December 2018 are as follows: (Unit: Ton Pu; Civil plutonium and plutonium declared excess to defense needs is contained.)

  Non-used Plutonium Plutonium in Spent Fuel
U.S.A. 49.3 716
Russia 61.3 167
U.K. 138.5 26
France 83.2 299.6
Japan 9.0 169
Germany 123.1
Belgium (Less than 50kg) 44
Switzerland (Less than 2kg) 20

(*) China published only its national holdings civil un-irradiated plutonium.