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Autumn 2003 No.43

Opinion Half a Century since the "Atoms for Peace"
CNFC Report Ruling Parties Regard Safety and Opposition Parties Replacing Nuclear Power with Energy Saving and New Energy Sources
- Each Party's Nuclear Energy Policy as Seen in Election Promises -
Letter ITER: Japan Is the Best Host Country
Akio Kitsunezaki
Pluto 41 A Section of Energy History -Part 9
Currents of Yishui-River Are FierceShigeru Goto
CNFC Report Renovation of "Monju" Will Start Soon?
Info-Clip Invitation of N-Facility to Secure Financial Resources for Public Welfare
- Plan for Interim Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel in Mutsu City -
Plutonium Management in Japan
CNFC Information The 12th CNFC General Meeting Held

Summer 2003 No.42

Opinion Wind Browing in Europe against Stepping out of N-Power
Interview Sharing a Common Destiny with Nuclear Power Plants
Interview with Mayor Tadao Iwamoto of Futaba-cho, Fukushima Pref.
Lecture North Korea: More Serious Than New Iraq Law
- Situation in North Korea and Japan's Security -
Satoshi Morimoto
Letter Agreement on a Central Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty Text From Samarkand to Semipalatinsk
Tsutomu Ishiguri
Pluto 40 A Section of Energy History -Part 8
A Country Having Coal in the North and Water in the West
Shigeru Goto
CNFC Report Swiss Referendum Says No to the Phase-Out of Nuclear Power
- Awaking from the Nightmare of the Chernobyl -
Info-Clip Joyo MK-III Core for Use in Various Technical Developments Goes Critical
CNFC Information The 12th CNFC General Meeting Held

Spring 2003 No.41

Opinion Japan Has No Will to Make or Possess N-Weapons
Interview Power Plants Are Bound to Generate Electricity
Interview with Mayor Masazumi Saikawa of Kashiwazaki City
Series Plutonium Plutonium from Dismantled N-Weapons and Disposal of Retired N-Subs in Russia.
Kunihiko Uematsu
Info-Clip ATR Fugen: Pillar of Japan's Peaceful Uses of Plutonium
Pluto 39 A Section of Energy History -Part 7
Culture of FireShigeru Goto

Winter 2003 No.40

Opinion Liberalization of Electricity Market Phases Out N-Power?
- Diet Should Discuss Nuclear Energy Policy -
Lecture Security Strategy of U.S. and Asia
- Iraqi and North Korean Issues -
Info-Clip Candidates Invited for a HLW Repository
Pluto 38 A Section of Energy History -Part 6
When Lights on the Mine Went OutShigeru Goto